Stories of Amazing Grace
Hosted by Larry Souder








LAURA JONES - April 3, 2019

10 Year Old Cancer Survivor Brightens the Lives of Others is giving new toys to children with life-threatening illnesses

in hospitals around the world.


POPPY STEELE - May 1, 2019

Breaking the Sound Barrier

As the founder of The Sing Club Co, Poppy is committed to creating a community where there is no distinction between Deaf and hearing…there are only children. Poppy is also the author of "Deaf in a City of Music" and will share "the good and ugly stories" she's encountered as an advocate for the non-hearing.


DAVID JOHNSON - June 5, 2019

The Magical Sound of The David Johnson Chorus

A story of how a high school chorus reunites after two decades of separation to become The David Johnson Chorus. The chorus now shares the magic of music at small-town festivals, children's hospitals and even the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.


NO SOAG (July 4th Holiday) - July 3, 2019


STAN OVERSTREET - August 7, 2019

Mobile Crisis Response Team - Recovery Within Reach

Responding to nearly 10,000 phone calls a month, Stan will share how the MCRT

helps those who experience a mental health crisis.