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Stories of Amazing Grace
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Lee Hodges

 Hope Springs International

Lasting Change - One Village at a Time


Live Viewing - 6:30 PM

Main Auditorium

Madison Church of Christ

Madison, TN


Like many, Lee Hodges was raised in the church and never missed a service, and as a young teen, he was always impressed when missionaries would visit and speak. As a result, he began his first full-time ministry as a youth minister, and during that short tenure, he took a six-week trip to Ghana, West Africa. This made a lasting impression on his heart for the African people. After that, Lee became a minister and went on other short mission trips to Africa. 
But later, a period of burnout led to Lee walking away from ministry. He almost lost his marriage and spent the next few years in a very dark place. Lee wondered if God could forgive him or ever use him again. Thankfully, God forgave Lee and is now using Lee to change the lives of thousands in Africa through the ministry of Hope Springs International.
Come hear Lee's story of God's amazing grace.




Randell Stroud

Removing the Sting of Death


Internet Viewing - 6:30 PM

October 5, 2022

Madison Church of Christ

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It's sometimes unusual today to hear a young man proclaim his faith in God. Randell Stroud is such a person. He's also a boxer and a martial arts professional. He spends much of his time participating in youth boxing programs and online Biblical lectures, reaching thousands weekly.
Randell has witnessed people die all his life - but he never expected it to happen so soon. After all, he was only 33 years old. But, one night in 2020, a bullet grazed the back of his head during a heated argument with some men in downtown Nashville. Seven others were also shot.
It was a wake-up call for Randell to re-discover his childhood faith in God.
 Randell will share his near-death experience and comment on the existence of God.