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Stories of Amazing Grace
Hosted by Larry Souder







Les Ferguson Jr.


Still Wrestling - A Story of Heartbreak and Betrayal


Internet Premiere: 6:30 PM - Feb. 2, 2022

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On Les Ferguson Jr.'s 24th wedding anniversary, he got a call that forever changed his life. There was screaming, and the call dropped. Les drove home to find his street full of police cars and swat teams. He soon found out that his wife and son Cole had been murdered by Cole's sexual abuser from church. Les' story is gripping, raw, and honest. After the horrific double murder that destroyed his family, Les Ferguson really started wrestling with God. But through this immense tragedy, he has become a trusted teacher who can offer you deep insight into Scripture. 

Les is the author of Still Wrestling - Faith Renewed Through Brokenness. 





Debbie Leeper


The Little Girl That Kept Pushing


Live Premiere: 6:30 PM - Feb. 2, 2022

Bixler Chapel Madison

Madison Church of Christ

Madison, TN


A self-described oddball, retired Anesthesia Nurse Debbie Leeper shares how the grace of God was a part of the highs and lows of her move from Michigan to Tennessee, including:

  • Her search for a church family that led to Nashville
  • Serving in a Prison Ministry that led to a marriage, a child, and a divorce
  • A solution to her weight problem
  • Suffering through the death of her mother, her son, and her ex-husband
  • Surviving a life-threatening illness
  • And a passion for rescuing wild animals.