Stories of Amazing Grace
Hosted by Larry Souder








HANNAH TRACY - Nov. 6, 2019

One in a Million Diagnosis

Hannah Tracy is only 18 years old, but she has already had 70 surgeries, including her first surgery at 2 hours of life. Through all of her medical difficulties, Hannah has never complained or asked, “Why me?” - even after her recent 4th knee surgery. Hannah also has a one in a million diagnosis of Oculofaciocardiodental Syndrome. You’ll find out what that is and hear Hannah’s story of perseverance, having a positive attitude, and relying on God. Join us on the next Stories of Amazing Grace, Wed., Nov. 6 at 6:30 pm in Bixler Chapel at the Madison Church of Christ, Madison, TN.





George Pendergrass - Feb. 5, 2020

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

The former lead singer with the vocal singing group Acappella shares the story of God's Amazing Grace in his life journey and his own personal search to find purpose today. George Pendergrass grapples with the ongoing questions of where God wants him to go, and how he should use the gifts God created in him.