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Stories of Amazing Grace
Hosted by Larry Souder



Sandy Jones

"My Journey with Transverse Myelitis and Paralysis"


Live Video Recording

6:30 PM - October 4, 2023


Bixler Chapel - Madison Church of Christ


Sandy Jones will share her battle with a disease so rare that it only strikes one in three million people. Transverse Myelitis is an inflammation of part of the spinal cord. This Autoimmune Disease takes no prisoners regardless of age, sex, or nationality. 
Sandy woke up one morning as usual, but within 24 hours, she was paralyzed from the waist down. "Your life as you know it will be no more!" 
It took the removal of Sandy's plasma out of her body for 7 days at Vanderbilt Hospital to stop her antibodies from attacking her spinal cord. Removing her plasma prevented the Transverse Myelitis from attacking further, but her bladder and colon were paralyzed.
Sandy describes herself as a strong-willed individual who enjoyed riding her motorcycle before being struck with the disease. She now lives by herself following the death of her husband to Covid-19 and is assisted with her mobility with the help of her Great Danes. Sandy says that God has been at work in her life, and if it will help others, she wants to share her story.


Robert "Buzzy" Neil

"Some Things Are Not Always As They Seem"


Watch on Facebook & YouTube- 6:30 PM

October 4, 2023


Bixler Chapel - Madison Church of Christ


Robert Neil Jr., known by many as Buzzy, is a retired elementary teacher and principal of 32 years,

having taught in Hawaii, Sumner County, and Metro Nashville,

and was the first of 3 male kindergarten teachers in Public Schools in Tennessee.

Buzzy was privileged to spend a summer studying missions all around the world in 1967.

Other than spiritual matters, his chief interests have been collecting old things and old ways.

 He even moved the Lipscomb cabin from Bells Road to the Lipscomb campus in 1986.


Buzzy will share life stories from his book "The Free Range Life of Buzzy Neil." 

And offer proof that Some Things Are Not Always As They Seem


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It's a fun-filled, inspirational Stories of Amazing Grace.