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Stories of Amazing Grace
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Thank you for visiting the Stories of Amazing Grace website.  Our purpose is to share stories of a person's walk of faith to encourage and inspire others.  

Every month Larry Souder interviews people who have been touched by God. There will be Stories of Hope, Stories of Joy and Stories of Faith. Stories of Amazing Grace.  Some of the stories may bring a tear, while others may bring a smile.  They are stories of real people who have been touched by a real God.  Their story may be your story or the story of a friend or neighbor.

Larry Souder

We all have struggles, but no matter what our struggle, God is with us. Our theme scripture for Stories of Amazing Grace is found in Romans 8:38-39: "I am sure that nothing can separate us from God's love - not life or death, not angels or spirits, not the present or the future, and not powers above or powers below.  Nothing in all creation can separate us from God's love for us in Christ Jesus our Lord."  

LIVE RECORDING: Stories of Amazing Grace is recorded before a live audience the first Wednesday night of each month in Bixler Chapel, at the Madison Church of Christ, 106 Gallatin Pike North, Madison, TN.  When in Nashville, come join us at 6:30 pm for the next edition of Stories of Amazing Grace.       

The views and opinions expressed on these programs are those of the person(s) appearing on the programs and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Madison Church of Christ, or the Producer of this program.



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A Miracle 50 Years in the Making

Jennifer Anglin had a fairy tale life growing up as an adopted child. Her parents were chosen by God which gave her no need to find any biological ties. But, by a series of events orchestrated by God Himself, she found her biological mother. In a miracle 50 years in the making, Jennifer shares her remarkable Story of Amazing Grace, redemption and unfailing Love with Larry Souder.



Searching for Purpose

Merging Blue vocalist and former lead singer with the vocal singing group Acappella, George Pendergrass shares the story of God's Amazing Grace in his life's journey, the quest, and his own personal search to find purpose. Includes rare footage of his appearance with the Irish Rock Band U2 and the New Voices of Freedom Choir singing "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" at Madison Square Garden.


SOAG No. 41 - Hannah Tracy

A Model of Great Perseverance

Hannah Tracy is only 18 years old, but she has already had 70 surgeries, including her first surgery at 2 hours of life. Through all of her medical difficulties, Hannah has never complained or asked, “Why me?” - even after her recent 4th knee surgery. Hannah also has a one in a million diagnosis of Oculofaciocardiodental Syndrome. You’ll find out what that is and hear Hannah’s story of positive perseverance on this episode of Stories of Amazing Grace with Larry Souder.


SOAG No. 40 - Kim Harmon

A Family Murder Followed by True Forgiveness

Kim Harmon, the author of Fall Forward, shares a story of struggle, strength and true forgiveness following the shooting death of her brother by her nephew. Kim shares this family tragedy with Larry Souder on Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 39 - Dr. Sally Burbank

What to Remember When They Forget - Alzheimer's Disease

 One out of every 9 adults will develop Alzheimer’s, and half of us will be challenged with caregiving a spouse, parent, in-law, or sibling with the disease. Are you prepared? Do you know the tell-tale signs that distinguish “Senior moments” from early dementia? Do you know what steps you can take to delay or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s? What are the biggest mistakes caregivers make in trying to minister to the needs of their loved one with dementia? How can we demonstrate the love and patience of Christ when ministering to those with dementia, whether family or church members? Christian internist, Dr. Sally Burbank shares her 30-years of experience with this dread disease on Stories of Amazing Grace with Larry Souder.


SOAG No. 38 - Stan Overstreet

Mobile Crisis Response Team Supervisor Helps Thousands

 Mobile Crisis Response Team Supervisor, Stan Overstreet, shares how
the Mental Health Cooperative of Nashville helps those who are experiencing 
a mental health crisis.

SOAG No. 37 - David Johnson

Bestselling Author of The Tucker Series of Books

David Johnson has worked in helping professions for over 35 years.
He is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a former minister, the Director of The David Johnson Chorus, and the bestselling author of The Tucke Series of books on Amazon. He is known for writing books with heart and has sold over 500,000 self-published copies. His books challenge people's view of the poor, highlighting their incredible resilience and incredible heart. Some of the books David has written include Tucker's Way, March On, April's Rain, and Ransom's Law.

SOAG No. 36 - Poppy O'Guin Steele

Advocate for the Deaf - Breaking the Sound Barrier

Poppy O'Guin Steele, the author of "Deaf in a City of Music", and the founder of the Sign Club Co.,
shares stories of the day-to-day lives, joys, and frustrations of members of the Deaf culture. 
Some shocking statistics:
50% of Deaf Children are Sexually Abused,
90% of Deaf Children are Born to Hearing Parents,
and 75% of Those Parents Have Never Learned Sign Language.
Poppy is Larry Souder's guest on Stories of Amazing Grace.

SOAG No. 35 - Laura Jones

Bringing Joy to Children in Hospitals

Eleven-year-old cancer survivor Laura Jones brightens the lives of children with life-threatening illnesses. Laura founded "Laura's Wish" (www.laurawish.org) to give new toys to children in hospitals around the world. Laura, her Dad, and Mom share the story of "Laura's Wish" with Larry Souder on this edition of Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 34 - Joy Martell Souder

Searching for Peace in the Valley of Grief

Is it possible to find your way back to God after your world is destroyed? Following the death of her only child, Joy Martell Souder tumbles down the dark shaft we call grief - and finds herself lost. The author of "Where Is Joy? " shares advice to help others find peace in this interview with her husband, Larry Souder on STORIES OF AMAZING GRACE.


SOAG No. 33 - Allan Preston Brooks

Convicted of Murder, Saved by Grace

Can a former illicit drug user, drug dealer, fornicator, and self-described miserable wretch be transformed into a sanctified follower of Jesus Christ? Yes, he can, and Allan Preston Brooks is a living testimony to that fact. Allan, who was convicted of murder and spent 28 years in prison shares his story with Larry Souder on Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 32 - Norma Mott Tillman

Private Investigator Finds Missing People and Reunites Separated Families

Norma Tillman, a 30-year veteran licensed private investigator, with a proven track record for finding missing people and reuniting separated families, shares the joys and trials of bringing people together on this Stories of Amazing Grace with Larry Souder.


SOAG No. 31 - Joey Spann & Robert Caleb Engle

Surviving A Church Mass Shooting

Minister Joey Spann and church member, Caleb Engle, share their experience in confronting a gunman at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, TN on September 24, 2017. One person was killed and several others were wounded during the mass shooting. Caleb is considered a hero by many for confronting and stopping the gunman from inflecting additional casualties. Spann says, "The shooting changed us. We don't go to church anymore; we gather to worship."


SOAG No. 30 - Jim Shannon

A Life of Blessings, The Jim Shannon Story

As a result of cerebral palsy, the only part of his body that he has total control over is his chin. With the help of a computer and a custom made chin switch Jim Shannon can communicate with a voice synthesizer. Be amazed as Jim shares his "never quit" attitude with Larry Souder on Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 29 - Pieter Valk

Same-Sex Attraction and the Church

Pieter Valk, the Executive Director of EQUIP Ministry provides information on equipping the church to better love sexual minorities. Pieter shares his thoughts with Larry Souder on Stories of Amazing Grace.



SOAG No. 28 - Steve Hemphill

Demons vs. Prayer

Steve Hemphill Shares Stories of Battles with Demons

Demons are real. The devil is real, but deliverance is also real! Steve Hemphill, the former owner of technology company shares stories of how prayer and faith in God are no match against the influences of the devil and his demons. Our battle is not against others, but against the powers of the unseen world. Steve is Larry Souder's special guest on Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 27 - Jim Vernon

Self-Described "Lukewarm Christian" was living Life on the Porch

Jim Vernon, the author of "Life On The Porch", spent most of his life on the comfortable "front porch" of his spiritual walk, looking at what a meaningful relationship with God would be like...but not going inside. The comfort of the porch had become all too routine, that is until he and wife were struck by cancer. Jim shares his story with Larry Souder on Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 26 - Traci Perkins

Sacrificial Mother - Gives Up Her Child for Adoption

Traci Perkins shares how, as an unwed mother, she made a difficult decision to give up her child for adoption. Her story is shared with Larry Souder on Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 25 - Jack Martin

Prayer Heals Jack Martin of Stage 4 Cancer

Jack had Stage 4 cancer, and the next step was hospice care, but God had other plans. Jack prayed, his friends prayed, people he did not know prayed, and on a return trip to the doctor's office, the doctor was amazed. There was no cancer. Jack shares his healing experience with Larry Souder on this edition of Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 24 - Dr. Konstantin

Russian Doctor Becomes Christian Radio Broadcaster

Dr. Konstantin was a Russian medical doctor who came to America for additional medical studies. He ended up becoming a Christian and a Christian Radio Broadcaster. Dr. Konstantin shares how an unlikely meeting with a soft-spoken Christian helped lead him to become a Believer. Interviewed by Larry Souder this edition of Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 23 - David Hardin

How God Answered Adoption Prayers

After multiple disappointments and setbacks, the Hardin family was able (with God in control) to adopt their precious nearly 4-year-old Armenian born little girl named Karene. David and Kathy Hardin already had eight children when they began the search to adopt a child with special needs. David shares how God was at work all along in the process with Larry Souder this edition of Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 22 - Milton Jones

A Humble Servant of God

The life and times of Madison Church of Christ Elder, Milton Jones, and his series of firsts as an African American. Milton shares life as an air traffic controller, the difficult moments he experienced in the Vietnam War, and the joys of practicing his faith in the church Benevolence Center. Interviewed by Larry Souder on Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 21 - Larry Souder

How God Used an Ordinary, Average Guy in Broadcasting

Stories of Amazing Grace host Larry Souder interviews himself and shares how God providentially answered three questions about his future in Radio, TV, and Media. Video examples are provided.


SOAG No. 20 - HK Derryberry

The Man Who Remembers Everything!

According to medical science, HK Derryberry should never have survived his traumatic birth in 1990. Arriving three months premature due to a single-car crash that took his mother's life this two-pound baby was born blind, with cerebral palsy and countless other medical problems. HK's life was forever changed in 1999 when Jim Bradford welcomed him into his life like an adopted son. HK has an incredible memory and is among a handful of people in the world with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM). HK has nearly total recall of every detail and minute of his life since he was  3 1/2 years old! HK and Jim share their inspiring story with Larry Souder on Stories of Amazing Grace. Their relationship is documented in a book entitled "The Awakening of HK Derryberry" available from www.Amazon.com.


SOAG No. 19 - Hope Hines

The Ups, Downs, and Rebounds of 40 Years In Sports Broadcasting

Nashville sports broadcaster Hope HInes is the author of "In Hines Sight". The book chronicles the many sports people he as met, and offers lessons learned from his encounters. Hope shares with Larry Souder on Stories of Amazing Grace, how after working at one TV station after another, God put him back where he belonged - Nashville, TN.


SOAG No. 18 - Dr. Ming Wang, MD, Phd

Former Atheist Eye Surgeon Now Believes in God!

Dr. Ming Wang, a world-renowned laser eye surgeon shares his remarkable life journey with Larry Souder on this edition of Stories of Amazing Grace. Arriving in America to attend college, Dr. Wang was an atheist. He later came to the conclusion that God does in fact exist. Embracing his Christian faith, Dr. Wang tackled one of the most important questions of our time: are faith and science friends or foes? This question led to his invention of a breakthrough in biotechnology to restore sight.


SOAG No. 17 - Susan Meredith Beyer

God Spoke Four Words, And Everything Changed!

From the Tonight Show to the Grand Ole Opry, Susan Meredith Beyer has performed across America in the pursuit of stardom that nearly cost her everything. Then God Spoke Four Words, and Everything changed. Susan, who is also the co-writer of the Christian stage play, "ten Boom the musical", and author of the book "Above Reality - Where Miracles Happen and Healing Begins", shares her story with Larry Souder on Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 16 - George Snodgrass

From Addiction to Recovery - A Man's Battle with Drugs & Alcohol

From his Norman Rockwell childhood to his teenage ride with drugs and alcohol, to his most recent medical issues which landed him in the hospital for multiple days and brought him very close to meeting our Maker, George Snodgrass truly has a Story of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 15 - Jennifer O'Neill

Jennifer O'Neill Had It All, But Her Heart Felt Empty

(Sorry, Video Is No Longer Available)

Jennifer O’Neill who is perhaps best known as a film actress in the “Summer of ’42” (1971) and as a Cover Girl Model for 30-years, shares the story of her pregnancy, abortion, depression, and healing with Larry Souder on Stories of Amazing Grace. As with many “perfect people,” there was a lot more going on inside at the height of her fame. Her life was filled with pain and mistakes including a suicide attempt, the guilt over her abortion, the sexual abuse of her daughter, and eight failed marriages.  That was before she fell in love with Jesus.


SOAG No. 14 - Dr. William Alexander

Medical Doctor Survives Burning Plane Crash

On June 6, 2014, Dr. William Alexander's life was turned upside down when his aerobatic plane crashed and burned 25 seconds after takeoff. He was burned over 53% of his body. Dr. Alexander shares his story of survival with Larry Souder on Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 13 - Margit Prosser

Czechoslovakian Immigrant Shares Her Love for God and America

Margit Prosser shares her Smorgasbord of Life with Larry Souder on Stories of Amazing Grace. Margit, who is part owner of Hermitage House Smorgasbord, has been dishing up good food, smiles, and hugs since 1975.  Margit says "If I don't do anything else in my life, I want people to realize how good they have it here. There is no better place to live in all the world."


SOAG No. 12 - Dr. Ahn Meadows

Vietnamese Immigrant Finds God and Becomes Palliative Care Doctor

Dr. Ahn Meadows shares her journey of coming to America from Vietnam at an early age at the end of the Vietnam War. Her uncle, Captain Kiem Do (2nd in command of the Vietnamese Navy) was credited with the exodus of 30 thousand Vietnamese people. Dr. Meadows was Larry Souder's guest on Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 11 - Nathan Hale

Youth Minister's Prayers are Answered Before They are Asked!

Nathan Hale says God directed his path to be the Youth Minister at the Madison Church of Christ. From the odd man out in high school, to witnessing life changing scenes of poverty in a Honduras Dump, to struggles with finding God's purpose for his life, to Contemporary Christian Singer and Songwriter, to Youth Minister, to a death-defying bout with cancer, to a possible way to feed the hungry through Aquaponics, Nate shares his Story of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 10 - Marnie Ferree

The Story of a "Grateful, Recovering Sex and Love Addict"

Christian therapist and self-described "grateful, recovering sex and love addict" Marnie Ferree shares her experience and expertise on this unusual, but compelling topic with Larry Souder. Marnie C. Feree, M.A. is the founder of Bethesda Workshops in Nashville and is a leader in the field of sexual addiction, especially among women.


SOAG No. 9 - Major General Paul T. "PJ" Johnson Ret., USAF

Heroic Air Force A-10 Pilot Flies Home on a Wing and a Prayer

Originally educated to be a farmer, Paul Johnson went from raising hogs to flying the A10 Warthog as a decorated combat veteran in Desert Storm. Major General Paul T. Johnson Ret., USAF shares the role God and a friend had in his unforeseen life with Larry Souder.


SOAG No. 8 - Don & Carole Belles

Tragedy to Triumph - The Adventures of Don & Carole Belles

Don & Carole Belles share their life-changing journey from Pennsylvania to Tennessee, and how God has prevailed over and over again in their lives. Their roller coaster of life takes you around curves with the loss of Don's job, the tragic death of Carole's parents in a plane crash and Carole's battle with cancer.  Don & Carole share their story of tragedy to triumph with Larry Souder on this edition of Stories of Amazing Grace.


SOAG No. 7 - LaVern Vivio (U-Turn LaVern)

"I Wished I Had Been Born a Boy" - A Story of Redemption

LaVern Vivio (U-Turn LaVern) former Nashville, TN Traffic Reporter shares why she wrote a blog entitled "I Wished I Had Been Born a  Boy". Also, LaVern is the author of "JESSE - A True Story of Redemption".  It's a fascinating autobiography on LaVern's battle with low self-esteem, anger, resentment and decades of bitterness. LaVern opens up about her life's struggles on this edition of Stories of Amazing Grace with Larry Souder. Contact Lavern at www.LaVernvivio.com.

SOAG No. 5 - The Joy Boyz and William Gooch

Three Musical Stories of Standing Tall in the Lord

Short of stature, but "Standing Tall in the Lord", The Joy Boyz (Donnie & Darryl Frierson) share their Story of Amazing Grace. Also, from the pain of losing his parents to the ministry of music, William Gooch, bass singer for the group Durant sings "Testimony".


SOAG No. 4 - Conn Hamlett

Wrestler, Teacher, Sports Announcer, Author, and Bible Scholar

Former Goodpasture High School Latin teacher and Bible Scholar, Conn Hamlett shares how he had an epiphany in regards to seeing the Bible and his relationship with God in a new and clearer way.


SOAG No. 3 - Rudy Kalis

Rudy Kalis, TV Personality Shares Hope and Encouragement

Ruday Kalis, WSMV-TV Co-anchor shares how he had dedicated his life to offering hope and encouragement

through the vehicle of sports and television.


SOAG No. 2 - Jerry Sherrill

Madison Church of Christ Memories

Jerry Sherrill shares his memories and life of service at the Madison Church of Christ with Madison's flamboyant preacher, Ira North. This Nostalgic interview also includes a video entitled Voices From The Past highlighting the history of the Madison church from the 30s - 50s.  Jerry will pick up and share memories from the ’60s - ’90s.



       Photo by Todd Hibbs

SOAG No. 1 - Dennis Boggs (President Abraham Lincoln)

Meet Mr. Abraham Lincoln - presented by Dennis Boggs

Dennis shares his portrayal of President Lincoln and his own personal story of alcohol abuse.